Financial Advice and Recommendations

Getting the right financial advice and recommendations from experts is most important step for investors who wish to use Barbados as a financial centre. 

Barbados is one of the leading international business jurisdictions worldwide.  The island is a “white listed” jurisdiction with a good reputation for compliance with international standards.  Barbados offers low tax rates and has a large tax treaty network.  In addition, the island has a variety of tax efficient vehicles to serve a number of needs.

Just as each individual is unique, so is the financial and tax advice that will be offered depending on each person’s needs, each company’s operations and each investor’s preferences.

There are also a variety of important factors that must be considered when choosing Barbados as a jurisdiction.  For example, the country of residence of the investor or parent company will need to be considered, as well as the destination of the investment.

When all of these variables are then considered against the numerous regulations, treaties and tax rules that govern international business, one will quickly realize the importance of receiving professional advice from a tax attorney in order to be sure that all regulations are followed and that the international structures are setup correctly.

In addition, leading Barbadian wealth managers offer a full range of products including international investment advisory, international brokerage services, private banking, wealth structuring and trust services to meet a client’s needs.

It may also be a good idea to use a local management service provider to run your new Barbados business.  These providers offer management and accounting services to successfully operate an International Business Company (IBC).  A service provider plays an important part in fulfilling the local mind and management requirement.  A provider can run the Barbados operation on behalf of the owner, including the accounting and bookkeeping, sales processing and accounts receivable, bill entry and payment, payroll, banking and financial reporting.

Given the importance of meeting all international rules and regulations, it is highly recommended that clients work with the right professionals to satisfy their needs.

Get In Touch

It is important to get the right professional advice when considering Barbados as the financial centre.  Seaside Realty can act as an initial point of contact for investors interested in utilizing Barbados.  This includes providing initial feedback on our clients’ plans and using the information supplied to put our clients in touch with the professionals best suited for their individual needs.  This includes international tax attorneys, trust and estate planners, investment advisors, managers and accountants. 


Seaside Realty has partnered with the Barbados Offshore Advisor to bring our clients the experience and professional network that they need to succeed.  Please contact us to get assistance with all of your international business needs.