Less is best!  A property displays and photographs much better with less clutter and when there is no excessive or mismatched décor and furnishings.  Rooms will look larger and the overall property will look more appealing.

Do not overprice.  Our agents are happy to offer their professional and experienced advice on what price you should consider asking.  It is always wise to list your home at a price a little over what you are willing to accept as most buyers will expect some negotiation room.

Homes that are “staged” tend to sell faster and for a bit more than properties that are not.  For a small, but well worthit cost, you can bring out the best in your home and allow buyers to see the true potential and worth.  Most home buyers cannot visualize and find it hard to see past cosmetic imperfections.

Cleanliness and Tidiness are a must.  One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to have a home buyer view your property in an untidy state.  It gives the impression that the home is not cared for and this will surely affect their interest as well as the price they offer.

Curb Appeal!  Ensure that the gardens and curb are maintained as this will help your home stand out from the neighbours.

Full colour photographs are one of the most important aspects when it comes to getting the home buyers through the front door.  Remember that most buyers will see your home via photographs first and we all know that first impressions can “make or break” the deal.  Seaside Realty will take care of these photos for you when we visit your property to list it.

It is important to have the documentation necessary for closing a sale to hand.  The Attorneys involved will request title deeds, plot plans, sometimes house plans, land tax bill, etc in order to complete the sale, so having these in order will assist in a smoother and quicker sale process.

Find the right real estate agent.   Find an agent that offers the important services you need to make the sale process work.  An agent who is trustworthy, honest, experienced, committed, flexible with their hours and last but not least, one who has your best interest at heart.  We at Seaside Realty Inc. offer you all of these and look forward to the opportunity to prove ourselves to you.