Barbados Surf Trips:  offers group or private surf lessons. Our instructors take pride in her work and are passionate about passing on their love and joy for surfing. You can learn how to surf at any age. We love to teach kids! The only requirement is that you are a confident swimmer. Learn to surf with a qualified instructor who themselves are expert surfers. Learn basic ocean knowledge — how to read the waves, the tide, the swell and the wind. Learn the fundamentals like paddling methods, how to “duck dive”, and how to get to your feet. Barbados has a wide variety of surf so that you can start in safe, small easy waves  and work your way up as you progress in a fun, tropical environment. The staff of Barbados Surf Trips will come to your hotel to pick you up and take you to the ideal spot to receive your lesson. The place will be chosen according to the instructors criteria, based on surf conditions. Once on the beach, you will receive a theoretical lesson on safety tips,  surfboards components, how to get up on your board and correct paddling techniques. When you are confident enough, the instructor will proceed to enter the water with you and will always be by your side. Your instructors will be constantly giving you pointers that will optimize your surf time instruction. 2Hr "Get Hooked "Beach instruction and water time. Group US$80.00/person. Private US$115/person.

Barry's Surf School in Barbados: Riding that first wave can change your life forever! Gliding across the ocean so effortlessly becomes addictive; sometimes obsessive; Surfing is the ultimate way to escape the stresses of everyday life. Learning to Surf with Surf Barbados can save you time and frustration. Our instructors are well trained and have spent many years Surfing the waters of Barbados. 99% of our students stand up in their first Surf lesson - an experience they will never forget! Intro To Surfing $75us Per Person "Intro To Surfing" is designed to teach you the fundamentals of Surfing. Whether you have never Surfed before or tried a couple times one of our professional instructors will teach you the keys to rapid progress while having lots of fun. This course starts with 20 mins of on the beach instruction. We then hit the water for 1 hr 40 mins of Surfing with the instructor who will guide you through the different techniques to help you catch and ride waves on your own. Free Surf board rental for the remainder of the day.(Why only Surf for 2 hrs when you can Surf all day) Surfboard and rash vest are provided. CLASSES RUN: Monday-Friday, 930-1130am and 3-5pm. Saturday, 930-1130am.

Boosy's Surf School: Barbados is a great place for surfing, whether you are a beginner or an intermediate. We provide our students with an informative introduction to surfing that is safe, professional and fun! There is nothing we like more, than seeing the thrill people get when they stand up on a wave for the first time! Barbados has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world with world famous surf breaks like Soup Bowl in Bathsheba. We have some of the best, most consistent waves in the Caribbean and there are always waves suitable for surfing lessons. Boosy’s Surf School is mobile going where ever the waves are best for our students, our aim it to promote surfing as a life enhancing sport “forward thinking with endless progression!”. Where we teach Most of our surf lessons are taught at “Freights Bay” (Cotton House Bay) just south of Oistins in Atlantic Shores, Christ Church. Freights Bay is the ideal location for beginners as it is below a cliff face which shelters it from strong winds that can make the water turbulent. Freights Bay is primarily a left point break, with long, peeling, perfect waves. There are even some sea turtles hanging around in the surf! In short, Freights Bay really is the best place to learn to surf in Barbados! There are some days that Freights Bay is just too small for lessons, and on those days we usually go to Surfer’s Point, Inch Marlow, also in Christ Church. The waves at Surfer’s Point are also good for lessons and it is also a left point break, however this surf spot is affected by wind. Other times we also give lessons in Bathsheba at a surf spot called Parlour, this is great for intermediate to advanced surfing. Your Lesson Includes20 – 30 minute beach lesson to brief you on: safety measures, wave conditions, surfing technique, and paddling into the line up, assistance getting into your first waves; and individual feedback after each wave you catch. Times 9 a.m. – 11 a.m. 3 p.m. – 5 p.m. Everyday!Price Group US$50.00 each.

Burkie's Surf School: Burkie's Surf School was started to expose the youth and young at heart to the wonderful and unique sport of surfing. Alan Burke, a lifelong surfer and ardent competitor, multiple and present Barbados Champion and hardcore athlete, began giving lessons casually, and then decided to share his love of the sport by establishing the school. We have several tuition packages to cater to any age and skill level.  Our location on the beautiful Long Beach on the South Coast provides the ideal setting for on location lessons or a central location for quick access to most favorite surf spots on the South Coast. "Experience the thrill"2hrs comprise of: 30 minutes Practical and 1 1/2 hours Surfing. Group: 2hrs - $150.00 Bds ($75.00us) Deposit: $20.00 ($10.00us), Private: 2hrs - $230.00 Bds ($115.00us) Deposit: $30.00 ($15.00us) Private: 1hr - $120.00 Bds ($60.00us).

Zed's Surfing Adventures: We offer surfing lessons and surf tours using the industry best surfboards to ensure safety and quality. If it is a surf holiday or surfing vacation you are looking for then Barbados is the best choice you can make..Since 2002 we have been the leading Surf School in Barbados and we are constantly working on our teaching techniques to accommodate all types of people, this is great fun for the entire family. We also offer private  surf lessons for those who want undivided attention, great for couples on honeymoon or families..Learning to surf in Barbados is safe and fun, our surf breaks are beginner friendly..Our group surf lessons run daily from 10AM to 12 pm daily. Each surfing lesson is 2 hour long, we go through the basics on the beach for roughly 20 minutes and then the balance of the time in the water with an instructor guiding you through all the steps and keeping you safe. 2 hours - 80 US per person3 - 2 hour sessions - 180 US per person.


Stand Up Paddling

Paddle Barbados: Anyone and everyone can do Stand Up Paddle boarding (SUP)! SUP is a low impact, full body workout that targets arms, abs, glutes and thighs all at once. With only a few SUP lessons you'll see your balance and coordination improve and you'll build confidence in and out of the water. Barbados has the perfect conditions for beginners to advanced paddlers. What makes SUPing with Paddle Barbados so great? You'll get a beautiful, even tan, a great workout, meet new people, have fun, and quite simply you'll just love the SUP experience! SUP Lessons: Most of our SUP lessons are done in Carlisle Bay, just outside of Bridgetown. This natural harbor offers ideal conditions for beginners as well as fantastic views of the sea and the island. Lessons are 1.5 hours and start with an intro to the sport. On the beach we cover safety, paddle technique, methods of turning and care and handling of the equipment. $60 USD.

SurfSUP Paddleboarding: Lessons 7 days a week! Max six students on any one lesson. Stand up paddling is an excellent workout, very addictive and best of all, tremendous fun. All you need is a body of water, a board and a paddle and you can be SUP'ing in no time! Package Deals and Good Vibes! :) Live Loving, Love Living! $25 USD per person, for 1 hr and 15 min (roughly).

What' SUP Barbados: You may be wondering what all this talk about SUP is, well it is Stand Up Paddle(boarding) and one of the most fun, relaxing and social activities that we have ever tried. We started off our Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) session on the West coast at Batt's Rock beach where the sun was just about setting and created a calming and serene atmosphere. Ryan and Mikie (owners and 'partners in crime') were there to greet us as soon as we arrived. We started off the session with a 15 minute beach instruction which allowed us to feel out the boards, understand how to use the paddles correctly and ask any questions we may have had; we were itching to just get into the crystal clear blue water and try SUP'ing! Once we got the hang of the boards and paddling, it was such a marvelous feeling as the graceful sea breeze passed through our hair whilst being able to chat and enjoy paddling on the water. As Ryan explains it, SUP is like your very own personal glass bottom boat tour whilst also getting a full body workout. What' SUP Barbados offers one and a half hour beginner lessons from $40 USD. This includes 15 to 20 minutes of beach instruction, plus a few minutes of water instruction to get comfortable on the board and then an hour paddle tour where we can hopefully get you hooked on the beauty, nature and benefits of SUP'ing.